“HE DID IT” trends on Twitter as Ranboo’s Minecraft stream breaks Twitch records

 “HE DID IT” trends on Twitter as Ranboo’s Minecraft stream breaks Twitch records

“HE DID IT” trends on Twitter as Ranboo’s Minecraft stream breaks Twitch records

In just 30 minutes, Minecraft YouTuber and DreamSMP co-owner Ranboo broke several Twitch records (most subscribers included), raised thousands of dollars for charity and started trending on Twitter.

Dream's Minecraft multiplayer (SMP) server has taken over YouTube and Twitch over the past several months and shows no signs of slowing down. With popular content creators like Dream, TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound so popular - Ranboo is the latest to join them by dominating Twitch and Twitter.

On behalf of the Trevor Project, a nonprofit mental health organization for gay youth, Ranbow is looking to make a record stream. Within minutes, he broke records he began his day off intent on finally breaking.

Half an hour into the broadcast, Ranboo broke the record for Twitch subscribers, subscribers by a Minecraft streamer, and subscribers by an "anonymous" streamer (as it's known by its trademark black and white mask). Quickly, his Twitch fans flocked to Twitter to rejoice at his success.

He did it!!!! Only in exactly 30 minutes! RANBOO Becomes #1 MOST POPULAR ON TWITCH AND MC STREAMER IN THE WORLD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/LvOGzFnOep

- C A L L E (@tubboxinnit_) Feb 20, 2021

With Dream himself donating over 1,000 subscribers to Twitch, Ranboo's broadcast continued to be the most popular channel on Twitch, even after breaking the original records he intended to. At the time of writing, Ranboo is flying towards a new world record: most subscribers in a day.

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Breaking the subscriber record in just 30 minutes, streaming hasn't stopped and fans continue to support both Ranboo and Trevor Project. After reaching over 60K subscribers and raising $20,000 in the first half hour, those numbers have crossed $80,50K per hour since then.

Simply put, YouTube fans have drawn attention to his success via social media - including tweets about how proud they are of him because he achieved so much success so quickly.

Ranbow came out of a layman who carried TIKTOK on a walk for TWITCH's top subscriber, breaking several records *and* overtaking the trending page on Twitter in just a few months?


- esme! (@blitzparody) Feb 20, 2021

Having started broadcasting in September 2020, these record numbers seem totally bizarre. But it's hard to be surprised when you come face to face with the passion of Ranboo fans, who do everything from tweeting capslocked support to drawing touching fan art.

At the time of writing, after only an hour or two of his stream, Ranbow has already transferred 82,000 subscribers in total and 25,000 subscribers per day.

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Apparently, the records for each are about 29 thousand and 100 thousand - which means that more records may be broken and more money may be raised for charity.

For all we know, "HE DID IT (AGAIN)" may start appearing on Twitter later today.


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