Kurulus Osman Season 3 Trailer [Subtitle Eng]

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Trailer [Subtitle Eng]

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Trailer [Subtitle Eng]


Kurulus Osman series is ready to touch the hearts of the fans Preparations for the new season are in full swing The field is ready and now everyone will come forward with their full potential

There will be a tough competition between Turkey's most popular historical series This can be estimated from the beginning of the whole series Everyone is keeping a close eye

But this time, Kurulus Osman's team has changed its approach This time the series has seen a lot of changes Now the fans have been pushed into such a quagmire of curiosity that they are wondering what is the real plan of Kurulus Osman's team.

Thus, Kurulus Osman's team does not take the first step in the field of competition And in the traditional way, it comes last and makes a fuss in the field

This time the audience was excited by the announcement of the start of the regular shooting Which is slowly turning into a surprise

And there is a possibility that the season may be delayed this time Countless questions are coming to the minds of the fans

In today's video, we will talk about why the promotion poster of season three has not been released yet. Which more characters have been announced to join the series?

What happened to the story of Aygul and Cerkutay in the new season? With whom will the story of Goktug Alp continue?

Has it been decided to bring a new face for Turgut Alp? Has the actor been chosen for the role of Orhan? In addition, we will give you even more powerful and important information in today's video Be sure to watch the video to the fullest

and subscribe to our channel Fans of the historic series have gone through a long, anxious wait The time has finally come for their waiting and patience to be rewarded It all started with the release of the great historical series Barbroslar

Everyone is ready to take part in the field decoration The trailer for the Barbroslar series has seen a lot of color on the screen

Now the great Seljuk series has released the first trailer about the new Sultan Alp Arslan Subscribe our other channel Purjosh Family to get updated videos and full reviews on the Barbarossa series. The link is in the description.

After the release of these two trailers, Kurulus Osman's fans have become strangely troubled.

Already the new season's promotional poster was not released this time in the first week of September. The rest of the series, on the other hand, is gearing up to take over the screen

But fans are hoping that in the end, the Kurulus Osman series will put four moons on the screen The first will make such a wonderful entry that everyone's heart will be happy The promotional poster for the Kurulus Osman season,

which was released on September 1 last year, is no longer a week late. Which is depressing the hearts of all We saw that Kurulus Osman's team had informally announced the start of the shooting And then came the news of the shooting of the second season of the great Seljuk series

Now, two days ago, the great Seljuk trailer was released and everyone was stunned to see what was happening.

The great Seljuk season shooting was announced later while the trailer was released earlier The news of the shooting of Kurulus Osman series was released earlier, so now there is no news about what is going on Neither the poster of the new season has been released nor has there been any scene

Apart from this, the inclusion of some characters in the series has been officially announced And a list has been released of which characters have become part of the series The announcement was officially made on ATV's official website

More than fifteen actors have been added to the series for the new season The fact that so many characters have to be included in the series indicates that the new season will be great And a lot of work is being done for that

In addition, ATV's Seasonal Ad also had superficial highlights about the Kurulus Osman season. Where the characters are not even shown in their traditional costumes

That is, we did not know about their new look Everything is being done in such secrecy that no one knows when it will happen The news about the new season of the series did not come out in the traditional way

But Kurulus Osman's team has maintained its habit And the game is being played with the fans This eyeball is about to end soon as there is not much time left in the release of the season Kurulus Osman's team hid everything in the lamp of Aladdin

But everyone is waiting to see which one will come out There is no technical reason for the poster and trailer delay Just testing the interest of the fans And rivals are being invited to come first

In the end, Kurulus Osman series will appear But remember that the promotion poster will be released in two to three days at any time And around September 15, we will also see the first trailer of the new season

But preparations for the new season can be gauged from the rapidly emerging names that are becoming part of the series.


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