Kuruluş Osman 25. Bölüm Fragmanı (2)

Kuruluş Osman 25. Bölüm Fragmanı Why was the trailer not given? Is the series making the season finale? What is the primary reason Hazal Hatun came to oba? Is it a coincidence that Hazal Hatun came to the camp immediately after Alişar brain death? Which decision will Mr. Gündüz be opened with Osman? Did the husband of Gündüz, Ayşe hatun leave the series? When will Geyhatu come to the series? What will be Osman's brain plan against Sofia Geyhatu Balgay?

I will explain one of the most important questions, one by one, on the Saturday video with Göktuğ alpine, namely the Balgay plan of Mankurtlastiran, the plan, Göktuğ Alpin fate, Osman brain Sofia, which reacts to three conditions and everything you wonder about.

First, let's take a look at the real reason Hazal Hatun came to the camp. Because I think Hazal chick did not come for her son or for her son. The arrival of Hazal Hatun is completely different. I have already mentioned to you in my video on Monday that Hazal Hatun will enter the series like a bomb, and we will call the venom line with a candle, and the Hazal hat is insidious and dangerous.
Last week, with the exception of two small subjects, we mentioned 7 subjects with a point

I said that only Aygül will die in this episode and the series will end in the scene where Hazal Hatun pulls a knife to zöhre Hatun.

You would appreciate that nobody has guessed that Hazal Hatun will kill zöhre Hatun and then finish the series.

But if they finished the series on the stage of Hazal Hatun, who pulled a knife to the Zohre hat, and it would be better if we saw the death of zohre Hatun at the beginning of the next episode.

But, as usual, Osman Bey, as the last producer, is looking at the normal reason for finishing the series and the only scene that excites him in the slow episode.

When it comes to Aygül line, Aygül will say goodbye to a series or two on the line.

Now, the real issue is why Hazal hatun came? When will the secret behind his coming be revealed? Where does this power of Hazal Hatun come from? Why is it so important for Hazal Hatun to be the brothers of Hazal Hatun, whose brain sisters Hazal Hatun also said with his speech on the threat?

In the series, we were given very fine clues about this question.

First clue: "I am the leg of the brainiest brain of Nikea's hands." He Said.

Other clues are her speech with a seat, being a Gorkian, and the two most important tips are the fact that when she first came to the oba, she increased the carpet to the floor and went down on the carpet. Well, who used to accept it as good manners.

Comparison with the word of goodness at that time, as if it is no manners right now, it would not be correct to say both differently.

To be Görgülü, he must come from the Seljuk line. The palace man must know. So, Where does this power come from, it is about being a Seljuk descendant.

And when he goes somewhere, he must be noble in order to throw the carpet on the ground. Also, the most important factor is that he gives money to the gentleman by saying "my brother has sent jihad," he said, that the actual bomb will break in the future.

Because, as far as I recall from the history lesson in high school during the Ottoman and Seljuk period, it was a money like an award given to soldiers and principalities who were jihad.

If Hazal Hatun's brother is strong enough to send him to the lords, it means that the only person who can give him howl is the orders of the Seljuk State, and Hazal Hatun's brother is one of the Seljuk orders.

As I said, there is no other explanation for the apricots as they make great offers. Let me tell you in advance that Hazal Hatun's brother will be included in the next episodes.

Even if we see Hazal Hatun's brother in the series as Emir Saadettin dog, he will not be satisfied.

So what is the real reason Hazal Hatun came to the camp? Is it a coincidence that Alişar bey came right after his death?

First of all, Hazal hat came neither for the man nor for his son. The first reason for this is Osman. Yes yes now I will tell you with logic.

When Hazal hat came to the camp and was established, the daytime bey and bamsı bey were the first to come to her.

The brain knows that the brain is daytime. But why would you keep my son under arrest? He does not tell the gentleman during the day because he did not shed blood on his uncle, Osman tells the gentleman after his arrival.

In the Hazal line, his brother, who sent the Hazal line to the kayı oba, also knows that Osman Bey is the person who follows the decisions even though he is the lord of the day.

In other words, we understood that they saw the gentleman from the formality during the day. The main reason for Hazal Hatun's coming is to cut down the brain of Osman, who killed the starboard of Selcuklu.

If he wanted to intercept him, he would watch the nation die, including Osman Bey, as soon as no one would eat meat at the wedding day.

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