Kuruluş Osman 23. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı

Kuruluş Osman 23. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı Welcome to the Cash Lottery video as a holiday allowance for five people.

I will explain the details of the raffle in the video.

As I said, I'm going to give a cash allowance for five people.

Please listen to the video very carefully to learn the lottery details.

Those who say we have left a nice chapter behind will like the video so that we know our number.

In my opinion, they have made the best episode since the beginning of the season. They heard the criticism we made and I don't know what it is anymore.

Anyway, let's move on to our analysis quickly. As far as I understand, the Screenwriter will kill both balgay and geyhatu this season.

Balgay will definitely die this season, but Geyhatu may be in the second season. Let me explain why I think so now.

This episode was faster. So what I said fast is actually as it should be. Of course, I think the producer has listened to the audience's criticism for the past two weeks.

In the 22nd episode, Osman Bey passed the brain salvation, his famous dream in history, Alişar Bey's daytime trap, and Osman Bey Balgay encounter.

fast pass of issues important to us. Because we understand that the best players whether they are going that way this season.

So why did Osman bey cooperate with the Balgay match?

Is this cooperation will be disrupted again as before?

This cooperation will continue for a while, but let me say that it will be stronger and longer lasting than the previous cooperation.

Because if you pay attention, in the previous cooperation, Osman Bey and Balgay did not trust each other too much.

But at the moment both sides got to know each other more. Now they know very well who wants what.

And they also know that they have no choice but to act together against Geyhatu. Geyhatu had already sent the vanguard unit.

We have seen that this section cut up all of the balgay. Show more crowded pioneering union left my estimation.

If Geyhatu that they bring to the series this means that I think will bring the next, we will see a crowded army.

Just let me give you important information about the Geyhatu however. If the series goes by date, Geyhatu should not die.

Geyhatu Obama's record in the history of Willow to come or not is not known. But we know that he came to Denizli.

I mean, it is currently shown as Geyhatu Mongolian heir in the series. So it's actually a Mongolian commander.

He is a powerful and powerful Commander. There was a word they say the Balgay Commander for Geyhatu.

He says he does not know himself drunk. In history, Geyhatu İçki was a person who was not fond of his words and even dismissed statesmen.

This is one of the biggest reasons that balgay is facing Geyhatu. Now let's come Geyhatu dies this season?

You will say that stop man has not come to the series yet.

How quickly will he die?

The estimated time of the participating player is determined. There are the main and co-players when starting a series.

These are the bone staff of the series. Then pay attention to the players who join in during the season, usually they are included in a few sections at most. Sometimes it's a season.

But here Geyhatu Mongolian heir did not sit on the throne. Not a sultan, not a king. So it has not been chosen yet.

Therefore, if the series progresses by date, the geyhatu must not die. If no progresses by date, I can no longer know it.

But I'm sure about that. Geyhatu, the Mongolian prince, is not sitting on the throne yet. However, if the next season starts by wrapping up 5-10 years, the series may show Geyhatu as dead.

Now let's come to the trailer of Aygül Hatunun Bala Hatun. We don't see Bala Hatun or Gonca Hatun. Gonca hatun said that if Gonca hat has not been in the series for a long time, I think that if he came in this section, he did not come in vain.

In other words, Gonca hatun may have noticed him while Aygül hat was shooting the full arrow and jumped in front of the Bala line, causing the arrow to become stuck in him.

This is the point where I said that Gonca Hatun has not come to nothing in this section. In other words, Screenwriter uses co-players in a certain order.

In other words, the person who Aygül Hat wants to hit is obvious vala hat, but if it is a small possibility, the person who was shot may be Gonca hatun.

But what really matters is why Aygül hatun wanted to hit the Bala line. In addition, Selcan Gonca Bala chick looks as if they are looking for someone in the forest.

And it is obvious that they are angry, as can be seen from their faces. I don't think that Aygül will suddenly appear in the forest and shoot arrows, just like in the scene of shooting the arrow of the Burçin line.

So I think the screenwriter doesn't make the same mistake twice. I think they have prepared the infrastructure of that scene.

When we add their anger, considering the nationality of the swords in the hands of the Selcan Bala and Gonca lines, looking at the surroundings, they are likely to have encountered Aygül hat before.

As you know, the commander Balgay trapped the mas


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