Kuruluş Osman 22. Bölüm

Hello, everyone.First of all, Kuruluş Osman 22. Bölüm Happy 19 May Youth and Sports Day.

Although we cannot stand side by side, we can not hold hands and form our Moon-star flag, but this meaningful day, which takes place in the hearts of all of us, will be animated again, as in those enthusiastic days, by overcoming the processes.

I left a nice video about this meaningful day at the end of the video. Do not forget to watch him. Now let's move on to our analysis.

As you know, in my previous analysis, I told you that Osman brain dream will come true even in this part.

I also stated that they would not be able to locate Osman Bey. As far as we can see from the trailer, what we have said happened in the same way.

Now that Osman Bey has seen his dream in history, we can understand that he is now on his way
to Beylik.

While Mr. Gündüz and Bamsı Bey pressed the brain mansion, Osman Bey set a trap for Balgay. In the previous episode, Göktuğ had gone alpine with Alp.

Then, we realized that Osman Bey, who made Göktuğ as a captive, had a new plan.

So what is this new plan?

Osman Bey will not fight with Balgay there. Look, I'm saying this clearly. Osman Bey will not enter a fight in the scene with Balgay.

Because if there was a war, And if he wanted to kill the balgay, Göktuğ would not make the alpine look like he was captured.

Obviously Osman has a brain plan that Göktuğ Alpi will give balgay again. It may or may not be doing it to ensure it acquires new information.

But even if Mr. Osman made this plan, Balgay, who saw an uncorrupted Kongar that was not tortured, would suspect this situation.

In the last episode, Osman Bey told Balgay that I know he bought the kongar, Göktuğ from the captive market.

A wolf has fallen into Balgay. Perhaps this suspicion of balgay may even cause Göktuğ Alpin to leave the series.

In my last video, I told you that either Konur Alpin or Göktuğ Alpin will leave the series. And again, I have stated that I do not give any chance that Konur Alpin will leave, and that Göktuğ Alpin will die.

Supporting this analysis, I think Göktuğ alpine will die again. So this season will leave the series. Osman Bey will deliver Göktuğ alpi balgay before entering a war.

But what will he ask for in return. As a result, I think Balgay's Kongar is important for him because I think he will be a little further for Göktuğ Alp.

So he will want to take it back.
As a thing Osman Bey could ask for in return, I did not think much of it.
If you have any questions, please state in the comments.
If you wish I had told Osman Bey's dream in history on Saturday video, you can look at
Osman brain's important dream in history from that video.
Before touching on the important clue in the scene where Gündüz Bey and Bamsı brain
confronted with Alişar in his mansion, Osman Bey asked the Sheikh, "God has granted you
the sultanate of your generation.
let's see.

As you know, Ertuğrul has been from Gazi Aksakallilar supported both Ertuğrul Gazi and Osman.

Although they were four brothers, the reason for supporting Ertuğrul Bey was that Ertuğrul brain was always running after the truth and the banner of Islam.

The reason why they support Osman Bey among the brothers is that Osman brain is just like his father and goes with his father's way with his bravery.

Dreams have their expressions.
And, as in history, in the same way, the dream of a sheikh-able Osman brain was interpreted.
Because of his achievements and the meaning of the dream, Osman told the gentleman Osman
Bey and his generation that the Lord was the sultan hakan.
As a matter of fact, we are the descendants of the Ottoman Empire, who ruled for just
600 years with the justice of the world.
Now let's come to that important detail that nobody noticed on the stage where the gentleman
and baby brain Alişar pressed the mansion.
Because this detail will give us all the opposite corners.
But it is useful to say in advance.
Let me state that this analysis, which I will do on a single frame, is a bit risky.
Listen carefully as there will be two fragment comparisons from a single frame.
Based on the door of the mansion in the first trailer, Bamsı saw Abdurahman Gazi and two
Alps during the day, but there is no abduction gas in the scene shown in the second trailer.
And there is more Alp.
There is an important detail here.
Where did Abdurahman Gazi go?
There is Alişar in the second trailer, there is no Alişar in the first trailer.
Let me tell you immediately with the details.
In my first trailer, I think that Alişar was not in the mansion.
And Dundar Bey came to the door.
Seeing that Abdurahman Gazi is standing against live blood, Dundar Bey will now see the facts
and begin to understand his mistakes.
He has even started to understand.
We can understand that Alişar lies to us.
As I said, Alişar may not be in the mansion.
And they can talk to Dündar bey.
But they just won't talk.
They will also make a plan.
Either they will go back and come again, or the alps will come to support.
Because the number of Alp in t


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