I Tried the Baby Shark Ab Workout for a Month, And It Worked Miracles!

I Tried the Baby Shark Ab Workout for a Month, And It Worked Miracles!

What do the Baby Shark song and your 6-pack have in common? Both are about to enter your life and stay for good after you watch this video! Ab Challenge combines fitness and a catchy children’s tune about a baby shark and its family. 

Everyone from young gymnasts to professional hockey players started training their abs in sync with the earworm. No, seriously, once you hear it, the song doesn’t leave your head! But does it really work, or are all these people just having a good time? The moves look pretty easy, and the people doing it don't look like they’re putting much effort into the workout.

The good old scissors exercise 1:29
Alternating leg raises 2:20
V-ups 2:55
Alternating knee tucks 3:19
Lift your knees towards your chest 3:44
Return the very first position 4:08
Mountain climbers 4:30
Switch back over to the V position 4:57
The last exercise 5:25
🔥 My workout experience🔥 5:45

- You start off by lying on your back. Stretch your arms out in front of you, and start doing the workout to the first words of the verse. 
- Spread your legs apart, then bring them back close together. Don't go too fast, control each move to keep your legs stable in the air. 
- The next move is alternating leg raises. Keep your abs pulled tight, arms and legs lifted up, and your lower back planted firmly on the ground. Then, one leg goes up toward the ceiling, and the other lowers to the floor.
- Stay in that half-seated position. This time, you’re going to lift both legs up toward the ceiling and do V-ups.
- The next exercise is alternating knee tucks. You bend one leg and bring your knee toward your chest. 
- Once the 5th verse kicks in about Grandpa Shark, you’ll start lifting both knees toward your chest. Control your breathing. 
- Now the whole family is going to go hunting in the 6th verse. At this point, you’ll just return to the very first position. From there, kick your legs up and down, kinda like you’re splashing in water. 
- The 7th verse will start before you know it, and it’s time for mountain climbers as you run away from the shark family.
- Then you have to switch back over to the V position. Your abs will be on fire at this point.
- In the 9th verse, the song will tell you “it’s the end” and that means you have one exercise left! It’ll be as if you’re doing a backstroke in the pool. Only, you have to do it with jazz hands.
- If your muscles get sore (and they will!), don’t give up! It’s actually a good sign, as long as it’s not too painful. If you feel soreness 24 to 48 hours after working out, it means the muscles are changing and becoming stronger.
- However, if the pain won't go away for too long and doesn't get any easier, you might wanna get that checked out. And if you feel any sharp pain in your joints during or after the workout, that's a red flag too. A 6-pack is great and all, but it's not worth risking your health, right?
- The whole secret behind this workout is that you're doing it without a single break. Your arms and legs are always in the air, so you’re under constant tension. 
- So, no matter how funny it sounds and looks, this is a serious core workout that can transform your body. If you’re consistent about it and do even one set every day, you'll get visible results by the end of the month.


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