7 Easy Exercises to Get 11 Line Abs in a Month

7 Easy Exercises to Get 11 Line Abs in a Month

7 Easy Exercises to Get 11 Line Abs in a Month

Have you ever thought why there are so many tutorials on how to get a perfect six-pack for guys but so few for girls to achieve those 11 abs? How about setting the record straight right this moment with a super effective workout? It’s going to give you incredible results in just a month!

But what’s the deal with this 11 abs thing? In fact, it’s just like a six-pack, only without the actual six-pack. While men are striving to get those iron-hard cubes on their stomachs, ladies are generally keener on slim and toned bellies. Where does number 11 come from, you ask? It’s from the vertical lines along the waistline that make your tummy so feminine and attractive. To tone those muscles right, though, you have to train as hard as you would for a six-pack.

Plank 0:59
Bridge with folded legs 1:56
Side plank 3:02
Bridge with straight legs 3:43
Leg lifts 4:37
Bicycle crunches 5:47
Russian twists 6:49

- If you’re itching for beautiful abs, plank is just about perfect. It activates your entire core, and if you do it right, your abdominal muscles get a lot of tension.
- Bridge with folded legs isn’t that hard, but it’s really useful if you’re about to get those 11 abs. At the same time, it also targets your core and glutes as a pleasant bonus.
- Side plank is also necessary for beautiful abs because, unlike the classic plank, it also targets your obliques more specifically. Those are what shapes your waistline, so don’t waste them!
- Bridge with straight legs is rather different and cool, though. It also engages your core, but it’s more about your obliques than anything else.
- The first four exercises were pretty much focused on your core and stability, and now we move on to targeting particular muscles that will give you the abs of your dreams. Leg lifts are the first of the series: they engage your lower abs, core, and legs (obviously).
- No abs workout should exclude bicycle crunches if you’re aiming at that perfect shape. They target your obliques and make them burn like nothing else, so it’s an absolute must for us today.
- Russian twists is by far the hardest exercise in this routine, but it’s also the last, so wipe your sweat and rejoice! Russian twists also hit your obliques, which are, as you might’ve guessed, the most crucial part of those 11 abs.


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