See what this cat did when its owner died!

See what this cat did when its owner died!

A woman who was feeding and caring for a cat died, but the cat refused to leave that good person.

:So cats miss their owners

Cats have another world that does not understand and understands its symbols and signals only to deal with them closely, and be an expert in the meanings of their actions and physical behaviors, on the contrary what some believe that they are just beings eat and play.

According to Egyptian veterinarian Mohamed Hesham, a cat breeding expert and owner of a large farm on the seventh-day site, there are five unknown acts about cats to do if affected by the psychological state of the owner.

* Crying

In the sense of tears fall without being sick or cold in cases of jealousy on the owner of another cat or treatment with children and neglect, or if affected by his bad psychological state.

* Snapping

Cats resort to biting the owner of the limbs in a gentle and harmless if it feels that he is in a state of health is not well as a kind of reassurance on him until he moves and learn that he is still alive.

* Wait in front of the door

If you return home after a long absence and find your cat standing in front of the door of the house you have to be aware that it is waiting for you and not wait for food or drink as you expect.

* Hibiscus

The rumble or purl issued by the cat from the abdomen as if the sound of a zoom is a sign of satisfaction and psychological satisfaction and through which expresses his great love for the owner, and often not issued only if he felt that the owner happy.

* Dropping the head

If the cat is ashamed of not implementing the order of its owners often falls his head to the ground, as well as feeling that it is undesirable.

Answering a question do cats remember their owners

Veterinarian Mohamed Hisham said that based on a recent experience, cats have a long and very good memory, they can remember events and people who have passed many years.

Not only that, but cats can remember their positive and negative feelings about certain situations, and can use some of the tools they used to use many times, which indicates their ability to learn easily.

All of these acts responsible for the memory center, so if you wonder if the cats remember their owners, the answer is yes remember cats owner, whether it is a human or an animal also amazingly may be beyond imagination.

Some scientists even confirm that the memory of cats is 200 times the memory of a dog!

Scientists once tried to train dogs and cats in one action at once. The dog was able to remember him for only five minutes, while the cat remembered him after 16 hours, demonstrating that cats had a much higher memory in dogs.

The difference was in the usefulness of the action that cats have to remember, dogs can remember actions that benefit you and want to train them, while cats remember actions that benefit them personally and help them stay.


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