Fantasy Draft 2019 - Running backs: a shock quartet

Fantasy Draft 2019 - Running backs: a shock quartet
Fantasy Draft 2019 - Running backs: a shock quartet

The running back position is probably one of those allowing the most a real gap between the different teams of a league.

This season, a quartet stands out quite clearly but it will be necessary to juggle luck, instinct, and analysis of any kind to pick one who will move your team from outsider status to that of the favorite for the title.

A quarter of ace: Elliott, Barkley, Kamara, and McCaffrey

Given last season and what transpired during this summer break, four names stand out to take the lead of the fantasy statistics for the coming months.
It is obviously impossible not to mention Cowboys runner Ezekiel Elliot in this part. Ultra complete (more than 2000 yards accumulated between races and receptions ...!), Determining the finish (34 touchdowns on his 3 seasons in the league), and experienced, everything is aligned to allow Zeke to explode the counters during the competition.

However, and this is a very big downside, its current situation is to watch, against the backdrop of wage negotiations and absence from training camp so far. If his holdout (or strike, if you prefer) persists, it will be important to take it into account and not to pick it too high ... or even to forget it.

Statistically, the same is true for Saquon Barkley. He is also the author of more than 2000 yards cumulative for his rookie season, excuse the little. The Giant will, no doubt, once again be a pillar of fantasy this year, especially since all the attack of the Giants will rest on him.

Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey, also very young, will be keen to continue their momentum of last season, they who splashed their games Saints and Panthers. This quartet offers so many guarantees, whether at the race or the reception, that it seems absolutely inconceivable not to see them truster the first places of your respective drafts.

A platoon of tough guys on the second rung

Behind all these happy girls, several names are to study. As such, profiles like James Conner, David Johnson or Nick Chubb (although a small flat to be put on the latter, his contribution is probably reduced with the return of suspension Kareem Hunt), will be safe this season.

James Conner (973 yards on the ground, 497 yards in the air, 14 TDs total in 2018) has a great playing card this year. In a Steelers squad that lost LeVeon Bell to his position, then Antonio Brown at the reception, it is almost certain that the young runner will be at the center of the offensive animation of the squad led by Ben Roethlisberger. With significant physical power and a very skilled pair of hands, he will offer many options during the offensive phases of his team in 2019.

Damien Williams, meanwhile, inherited the position of number 1 deserted, by the force of things, by Kareem Hunt. Author of a beautiful end of the 2018 season (he remains on 10 touchdowns on his ... last 6 matches, decorated with a good number of yards won, on the ground and in the air), it is not impossible to see it s 'approaching the top 5 performers in fantasy this season, especially if the beautiful machine Kansas City is still running as well.

Between wounds and suspensions, mistrust is required

Several big names have not been mentioned yet. Todd Gurley, at 100% of his physical abilities, would probably have turned the top quartet into a Quinta he would have taken the lead. However, his knee squeaks (and squeaks very loudly), to the point of saying that he will not play the next season at 100%. This probably involves a limited number of snaps or even a few days of rest scattered throughout the season. A mess for a player providing several yards at the impressive race, able to score a hat-trick almost anytime. In terms of fantasy, you have the opportunity to draw very high, with the risk of implying yourself to be very helpless if he must miss matches.

Leonard Fournette is also in this case. He is, of course, a notch under players like Gurley, but remains a very competent runner. Unfortunately subject to several physical glitches, he made an absolutely tasteless copy last year, he who had exceeded 1000 yards for his rookie season in the year 2017.

The second big name to be absent at the top of the standings is Kareem Hunt. The former Kansas rider is a monstrous player, both on the field and in terms of fantasy (he was simply on the podium of the performers during his rookie season). But being able to easily break the bar of 1000 yards on the ground, to decorate a few hundred yards at the reception, planting touchdowns with the shovel is a tiny guarantee when one is fired from his team, and that we are suspended a dozen matches to start the season. Also, very complicated to draft the now Cleveland runner high, he who will participate, at best, a third of the season ...

Can not quote Le'Veon Bell in this paragraph. After a sabbatical season due to his contractual worries with Pittsburgh, he landed in New York for a new adventure with the Jets. It's hard to know what one of the most dominant players in this game sector will look like for many seasons, and for this legitimate uncertainty, it seems utopian to see him drafted into the top 5 running backs this year.

Some sleepers to study

Two names are mainly to keep in a corner of the head for a choice a little later. At first, Josh Jacobs, drafted in the first round of the last draft by the Raiders, offers a profile corresponding to that of the players author of the greatest performance in fantasy: excellent runner, very good at the reception, his complete profile will offer without cease a double threat when he is on the ground. In a body of runners deserted by Marshawn Lynch, he will fight mainly with Jalen Richard for the place of number one and even if the latest rumors suggest a gradual integration on the game plans of the Raiders, it nevertheless seems to have left for a beautiful rookie season.

Kalen Ballage, he, all a real surprise. First of all, this is a player ranked far enough pre-season in fantasy. It can, therefore, be a steal potential. Then, he seems to have impressed all the staff of the Dolphins during this offseason, staff who could be tempted to make the sophomore the incumbent, in a depopulated backcourt where the only viable competition would be that of the disappointing Kenyon Drake. Attention nevertheless, Ballage offers a profile very focused on the ground and much less used in reception at the moment.

The Top 25 Fantasy Running Backs

1. Saquon Barkley
2. Alvin Kamara
3. Christian McCaffrey
4. Ezekiel Elliott
5. James Conner
6. David Johnson
Nick Chubb
8. Damien Williams
9. Dalvin Cook
10. Leveon Bell
11. Todd Gurley
12. Melvin Gordon
13. Joe Mixon
14. Leonard Fournette
15. Kerryon Johnson
16. Aaron Jones
17. Philip Lindsay
18. Sony Michel
19. Mark Ingram
20. Devonta Freeman
21. Derrick Henry
22. Rashaad Penny
23. Marlon Mack
24. Lamar Miller
25. Tevin Coleman


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