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A place in the sun - Cristobal Serrano (Spain), winner in the category "animals in their natural environment"

In the Antarctic Peninsula, crabeater seals (Lobodon Sarcophaga) have always lived in symbiosis with ice. It is there that they rest, reproduce, give birth and raise their young. In the context of global warming, will these animals, who rarely venture to land, survive the ice-free summers that are coming?

The queen of the savannah - Isak Pretorius (South Africa), a finalist in the category "animal portraits"

The photographer sneaked onto the opposite bank of this waterhole in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. At the same moment, this fat lioness, who had just finished a feast of buffalo, came to drink among the tall grass.

The impossible separation - Ricardo Núñez Montero (Spain), winner in the category "behavior: mammals"

We are at first intrigued, then upset by this image ... In the hands of Kuhirwa, female gorilla of Bwindi National Park, in Uganda, the lifeless body of her baby, which she can not bring herself to abandon.

The pack-ice king - Sergey Gorshkov (Russia), a finalist in the category "animals in their natural environment"

Without the polar bear wandering to the top, it's difficult to get an idea of the size of this ice fortress: a 50-meter-high wall bordering the Franz Josef Archipelago in the Russian Arctic. Where most photographers would have drawn their telephoto lens, Sergey Gorshkov chose to make the colossal mammal for a Lilliputian creature.

Surprised at night - Vegard Lødøen (Norway), a finalist in the category "animals in their natural environment"

It took several hours of patience, a waterproof case and motion detectors to capture the moment when this young red deer was crossing a river in Valldal, in the far north of Norway. The apparition occurred at midnight and a half, in December, when fate began when the ice began to trap the camera body.

Private Pool - Cristobal Serrano (Spain), winner in the category "artistic visions"

Seen from the air with a silent drone, crab-lion seals play the naiads in a lagoon-shaped, wind-sculpted swimming pool in a 40-meter-long iceberg drifting off the Antarctic Peninsula. Seals, who venture little on land, are dependent on these ice blocks, where they rest, reproduce and give birth to their young.


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