7 Reasons - Wild Animals the Most Beautiful Photos - Could Help Win. Top Chef

7 Reasons - Wild Animals the Most Beautiful Photos - Could Help Win. Top Chef
7 Reasons - Wild Animals the Most Beautiful Photos - Could Help Win. Top Chef

Sleeping Beauty - Skye Meaker (South Africa), winner in the category "Young Animal Photographer" the animals

In October 2018, as every year, the Museum of Natural History of London and BBC Worldwide have rewarded the most beautiful images of wildlife on the occasion of the Wildlife Photographer of the year. Here is our selection among these shots. Often spectacular, always touching.

In Mashatu Reserve, Botswana, Limpy is a star. As a young girl, this young leopard female had fallen from a tree and broke a leg. Since this accident, she limped slightly, which earned her the name: the "lame". Fragilized by her injury, she survived and even proved a formidable hunter. The young photographer captured this beautiful shot just as the beautiful feline, sleeping on a branch, woke up.

The Flamingos Ball - Paul Mckenzie (Ireland / Hong Kong), a finalist in the category "creative visions" the animals sounds

Lake Bogoria, in western Kenya, is home to the largest colonies of flamingos in the world. Here, these dwarf flamingos (up to 90 cm high all the same) gather to feed in the shallow waters, rich in micro-algae. Lying on the shore, in the wet mud, the photographer watched them feed by filtering the algae through their beaks ...

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

Poor sperm whale - David Higgins (UK), a finalist in the category "animal photojournalism" the animals picture

On the weekend of January 24, 2016, five sperm whales stranded near Skegness on the east coast of England. Several hypotheses have been put forward, the most likely being that huge cetaceans had lost their way in the North Sea in shallow waters. Short of food, then hungry, they would have run aground. But we also found high levels of plastic in the body of many of them. He is towed to be "thrown" into a landfill near Sheffield. No cetaceans could be saved.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

Look for the intruder - Jasper Doest (Netherlands), a finalist in the category "series" the animals zoo

After a long day at the vet, Odette Doest joins the flamingo Bob in his kitchen in Julianadorp, in the north of the Netherlands. She lives here with her son, 9 cats and 10 dogs. The animals she collects have gradually invaded the house, limiting Odette's private space to the kitchen and her bedroom. While all other animals must still get used to the big pink bird, Bob, he seems to have found a cozy nest.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

Little vampire / Thomas P. Peschak (Germany, South Africa), winner in the category "bird behavior"

In Galapagos, off the coast of Ecuador, Grant's lunatics (also known as Nazca boobies) have no trouble feeding on fish at sea. But the small finches (Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis), endemic to the islands Wolf and Darwin have a lot more trouble finding their pittance. In fact, an increasingly dry climate, which reduces their meager rations of seeds and insects. To survive, these hematophagous birds have become "vampires": they suck blood at the base of the feathers of seabirds.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

Solid ants - Javier Aznar González de Rueda (Spain), finalist in the category "behavior of the

This ant defends a tiny grasshopper (less than 3 mm), which protects its eggs until they hatch. In the Ecuadorian Amazon, this solidarity strategy helps to fight against predators and parasites. This species lays its eggs inside a white structure that the female builds on the surface of an inflorescence. Any predator who approaches will be attacked by the ant.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

A golden monkey - Marsel Van Oosten (Netherlands), grand prize "animal photojournalist: photo of the year"

On the planet, there are only 3,800 specimens of Roxellan rhinopithecine in the wild. With its leonine mane and small nose, this monkey is classified "endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The photographer followed a group of local researchers to approach him in his natural habitat, the Qinling Mountains in China.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

Caring parents - Jess Findlay (Canada), finalist in the category "Bird behavior"

A collared loon (family of loons, large waterfowl) approaches its chick with a dwarf nymph in its beak on a lake in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada. Aquatic insects are the main source of food for young loons. Indeed, during the first days of life, they are still unable to swallow any fish. Parents drive their chicks into shallow waters where they gather for themselves small invertebrates and underwater vegetation.

Wild animals: the most beautiful photos of 2018

A baboon at breakfast - Nicholas Dyer (UK), finalist in the "mammal behavior" category

It was thought that wild dogs did not attack baboons. However, in recent years, the photographer has observed three packs, living in the bottom of the Lower Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, who hunted them regularly. This unfortunate baboon served lunch for nine hungry puppies. After devouring it, the small wild dogs started a macabre game with the monkey's head.

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