People talking to animals would be smarter

People talking to animals would be smarter
People talking to animals would be smarter

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According to a behavioral specialist, speaking to our four-legged friends and attributing human characteristics to them would be a test of above-average sensitivity and social intelligence.

It is perfectly normal to talk to one's animal as if it were a human being, it's even a proof of humanity, open-mindedness, strong sociability and sensible intelligence. Nicholas Epley, professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, explained this phenomenon at the Quartz site.

Attributing human characteristics to non-humans is an anthropomorphism. But it is a capacity specific to our species, specific to our intelligence: "Historically, anthropomorphism was considered a sign of puerility or stupidity, but it is actually a natural effect of the unique intelligence of human beings on the planet. "

Talking to animals is thus a natural attitude for a child, participating in his intellectual development. If this is accepted among the youngest, it is much worse when you are an adult, because of our social norms. Yet we do anthropomorphism more often than we think, not just with animals but with everything around us. For example, naming a boat or a plane, or talking to a car to ask why it does not start is similar.

This is even stronger with animals, with whom we can build a real relationship. According to the professor, we tend to lend human characteristics to the beings with whom we develop a special bond and that we can consider as an extension of our own identity. "Psychological studies show that the more we love someone or the closer we are to him, the more likely we will be attracted to his spirit. "

Animals sensitive to language

Other studies have shown that animals are sensitive to language. More than the meaning of words, it is especially the modulations of the voice to which they would be sensitive. At the same time, some species, such as cats, have developed a complex system of meowing ... only for humans. Men and animals communicate each in their own way, the essential thing being to understand each other!


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