Eating apples would be even better for your health if you did it that way

Eating apples would be even better for your health if you did it that way
Eating apples would be even better for your health if you did it that way

NO GETS - Everything is good in the core. According to an Austrian study, not eating the heart of the apple would be heresy. This is where the greatest number of bacteria are, essential to our good health.

With around 35 treatments per crop, the apple is one of the most processed fruits. Yet, an old injunction encourages us to eat it with the skin, supposed to be much more beneficial for health than the rest of the fruit. But according to an Austrian study published in Frontiers in Microbiology this month of July, we would have all wrong. While the peel actually contains four to five times more vitamin C than the rest of the fruit, the core and seeds are actually much more virtuous.

According to scientists at Graz University of Technology in Austria, these contain most of the fruit's bacteria. However, these are essential to the good health of our microbiota, that is all the microorganisms of our body. The good bacteria, which live primarily in our intestines, not only help to digest food, transform carbohydrates into energy through the production of vitamins but also protect us against pathogenic bacteria. Strengthening their troops by eating foods rich in bacteria can only improve our health.

  • 100 million bacteria, most in the core

"By aggregating the data of different apples that we analyzed, we estimated that a 240-gram apple contains about 100 million bacteria," the study's lead author, Gabriele Berg, said in a statement. The core and seeds would contain most of it. The rest would be distributed in the pulp (30 million bacteria) and in the skin (3 million bacteria).

After the many warnings from health authorities about the toxicity of fruit kernels and seeds, it may seem odd that scientists recommend swallowing apple pips. These contain in fact amygdalin which, once digested, turns into cyanide. This can lead to signs of acute intoxication such as seizures, breathing difficulties, decreased heart rate, loss of consciousness, or even coma. But according to nutrition expert Frances Largeman-Roth, interviewed by the American media Today, "occasionally eating the core of an apple is not very serious from the point of view of safety", as the amount of amygdalin is low.

  • Organic apples much more interesting

But be careful not to choose any apple. In their study, the researchers compared the bacterial content of apples from conventional agriculture compared to those from organic farming. If fruit, regardless of how they were grown, contained about the same number of bacteria, their diversity was much smaller in conventional apples.

"Freshly harvested and organically managed apples harbor a much more diverse, homogenous and distinct bacterial community than conventional communities," says Berg. Some pathogenic bacteria have also been found in most chemically treated fruits, such as shigellae. These bacteria are very close to Escherichia coli, responsible for many gastroenteritis each year.


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