Information you should know about cats

Information you should know about cats

Information you should know about cats

Cats are the most closely related animals. They are pets, raised by many people, and have lived with people for over 7,000 years. Cats belong to mammals, and there are many types of cats, which vary in shapes, colours and sizes. In some civilizations, cats were sacred animals, in which dozens of statues were erected, especially in the Pharaonic civilization, where the punishment of a person who caused harm to any cat was severely punished

Types of cats
  • The domesticated cat from the dermal strain is called "pasteurization". It is characterized by the density of its hair and its length, which is very fibrous and does not show any aggression.
  • Abyssinian cat, one of the smartest types of cats.
  • Cat Shirazi, characterized by the length of his hair, and his love for laziness and inactivity.
  • The Siamese cat, characterized by the beauty of his voice and his sweetness.
  • The Himalayan cat, a hybrid that is produced by the mating of the Siamese cat with Shirazi.
  • The Balinese cat is a hybrid produced by the Siamese cat mating with the Himalayan cat.
  • Abyss cat, a cat who lived a lot in the time of the Pharaohs, and has many statues.
  • Burmese cat, characterized by gold aid.
  • Russian cat, from very quiet cats.
  • The exotic cat, a very glamorous cat, is expensive.

Information about cats

  • Do not distinguish the sweet taste of food.
  • She has three eyelids in her eyes.
  • Adult cats cannot digest lactose, so they should avoid feeding milk and dairy products.
  • Cats are about 35 years old.
  • In China, cat meat is considered one of the most delicious types of meat served on tables.
  • Cats have flexible bodies, which help them jump from high altitudes without being hurt.
  • Cats have a very sharp sense of hearing, where high-frequency sounds are heard, about 65 kHz.
  • Cats have thirty teeth and change their teeth with permanent teeth.
  • The normal heartbeat of the cat is about one hundred and ninety-five beats per minute, breathing between twenty to forty times a minute.

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