How to stop falling hair cats

How to stop falling hair cats
How to stop falling hair cats
How to stop falling hair cats

Hair loss when the Cats

The problem of hair where cats and scientifically known as Alopecia is a common condition among cats, and hair loss may be partially or fully, either regularly or indiscriminately, it may be the skin surrounding hair fallout either natural or reddish, with projections and may be a loss to the skin as well, and different reasons for the injured cats in this case, in particular, [1]

  • The older cats infected with cancer.
  • Neurological disorders; Cats combing hair too, for example.
  • hormonal imbalances especially increase thyroid hormone and steroid rise in the body.
  • incidence of skin sensitivity.
  • fungi such as palms.
  • A succession.
  • The parasites that cause scabies.
  • treat and prevent cats from lépold fallout

treat and prevent cats from lépold fallout

  • The problem of treatment options were limited fallout cats, but if the reason behind it was their skin or hormonal imbalance the medicines and therapies available spot to solve the problem, and that was the reason is that it could be a behavioral behavior therapy to reduce the problem. [2]
  • There is no guaranteed way to prevent hair falling cats, but, while noting the cat bite or get to her hair it's a good conduct thorough medical examination of hair and skin at least once a week, and can be done through lépold stamineus scraped through with a high comb teeth and concentrate on areas srub cat, or pull hair constantly. [2]
  • In all cases must be used to have a veterinarian to divert treatments stamineus safe spot to remove that itch and pain; because it could reduce the danger of losing his hair, and increase the likelihood of his recovery. [2]

prevent hair falling cats

You can prevent and reduce lépold falling cats in the following ways [3]

Sweep manner: Hair must be scraped stamineus a period of five to 10 minutes at least once a week and, if his hair falls heavily and abundant, it may require scraped by every two to three days or more, as it must be bathing stamineus every week to four weeks to reduce hair and drying it, it is advisable to purchase the preparations and toiletries cats dry to use weekly between periods of showers, and when they get dirty stamineus, it could be replaced by clear stamineus a clean damp towel.

A healthy diet: We must offer cats food high-qualified and greater provision of water and the giving of foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 and, if stamineus pardina must try with a competent veterinarian to reduce weight by providing healthy food and pushed it to the movement often play with him, we must ensure always deprival stamineus of parasites and fleas.


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